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Equestrian Embroidery

Get your customised Equestrian Embroidery logos onto a wide range of clothing suitable for horse riding.

Equestrian Designs are a great way of personalising your equipment and clothing for Horse Riding. Our quality embroidery finish is a must for any keen Horse riding fanatic. Rocket embroidery hold a large collection of horses ready in embroidery format for your saddle cloths, Riding Jackets, Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Gillet. Choose a horse design and add your horses name in any font of your choice in any colour.


Bespoke Embroidery Services

At Rocket, we provide in house embroidery services for all types of clothing. Trust our quality, we have over 20 years experience in the embroidery industry, and our passion is embroidering garments for clients. The quality of the logo/design is very important as it sets of the clothing.

Whatever your design requirements, we can create the perfect embroidered logos for your clothing. Many horse stock designs are available to choose from if you are unsure on your logo, but we can embroider any design you have. Simply, send us a copy of your logo or design and we can create it as an embroidery file.

Get custom designs and/or text embroidered onto a wide range of clothing from our online shop. We supply a wide range of garments from trusted brands such as Regatta, Nike, Adidas, American Apparel and much more.


Why use our services?

The team at Rocket Embroidery are passionate about our Work. Our goal is to be the best choice for all Personalised Embroidery & Printing orders. Also, we cater to all types of customers, whether you are a large business, a club/association or want to order for personal use, we can provide you with the best service possible.

  • 1000’s of garments available in many styles and colours
  • 20+ years experience in Embroidery & Printing
  • Rated 5 Stars based on over 80 Reviews on Google
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Delivery to all areas of the UK
  • Easy ordering due to our Online Shop

Furthermore, Rocket Embroidery can undertake orders in both small to bulk quantities, since we have the machinery and experience to provide the fastest and best quality services.


Products you may be interested in

Maybe you are unsure what clothing products you would like?. We can provide you with any clothing you may need, this is because 1000’s of clothing products are available from many brands on our shop.

  • Embroidered Polo Shirts – These are very popular due to the fact they are ideal to be worn in any environment. Polo shirts compliment both Embroidery & Printing very well
  • Embroidered Jackets – These are popular because Embroidered Waterproof or Fleece Jackets are ideal for wearing outdoors
  • Embroidered Hoodies – Another option are Hoodies, these are great because they are comfortable, casual and look the part!

Here are just some of the clothing we can customise with your equestrian embroidery.




Visit shop.rocketembroidery.co.uk to order your personalised clothing, or email paul@rocketembroidery.com for a quote