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Advertise your Business with Banners

Advertise your Business with Banners

In this article we talk about how to Advertise your Business with Banners and the steps you should take in your physical marketing. Banners are a great way to catch the attention of people passing by, and is great marketing strategy for businesses and events. You should consider your target audience and how you plan to appeal to them before you create the banner design.


Marketing Strategy to Gain Customers

Design & Layout on the banner – The Factors you need to consider when creating a banner design. The design and the layout of a banner is one of the main things that can determine conversions

  • Easy to read
  • Appeals to the Target Audience
  • It has a purpose and call to action
  • Blank behind the text to make it readable
  • Visible brand to¬†differentiate from Competitor businesses

Information to include on the banner – This is different for everyone, try and decide the key things you want to relay across to the reader. For example, if you are a cafe, you should look into including various dishes along with the price to entice customers. However if you are a marketing agency, your website may be the most prominent thing on the banner. Here are some example details you can include on the banner –

  • Opening Hours and Days
  • Website & Social Medias
  • Phone Number
  • Products with Prices
  • Title to summarise services with Tag Line

Some advice for creating your banner design is that less detail is sometimes more effective. For example, at Rocket we have signage to attract customers driving past on the road. We did not include details such as social media links, as it was not necessary to our target audience which was people driving by. The strategy was to make our services, phone number and website to be the details focused on.

Banner & A board Printing

Rocket Embroidery provide both A Board & Banner printing services to businesses in St Helens, Merseyside and surrounding areas. Call 01744 601 402 or email for a quick quote!

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